PC Graphic Solutions


Who We Are

A collaborative group of Modelers, Texturers, Mappers, Riggers, Morphers, and Promo Artists.

A group of us decided one day, on occasion you run into vendors who at time, need a little extra special help with their products. Whether it be that your product was rejected from a major brokerage because it needed many fixes, better promos, more of a professional touch, or you just didn't know how to add your own morphs, texture your model, map, or rig yet, that we needed a group of people available to the 3D world here to help you get it done! Not everyone is born with the knowledge to do it all, and sometimes the extra help is all you need to make that product a success!


How It Works

<----Request a quote is located to the left.

Just simply click the 'Request a quote' link. Fill out the form with as much info as you can give us, and we will post to our private forums of professionals for the designated site that you are hoping to broker your product on. These professionals will make bids on the project and within 48 hours we will email you a quote for your project. We require 50% deposit towards the work required, for at least the first few times you work with us. This is to ensure a lost lasting , trusting relationship with us for future projects. Once we get to know you better, this will no longer be a requirement.


What Can We Do For You?

Our combined skills.

From texturing your products, providing you with excellent promos or a layout for your product page. Rigging, modeling, adding morphs, mapping or any of the technical aspects of putting together a 3D model. Testing and double testing, fixing any issues your product might have. Adding to or removing/altering, improving your product for the marketplaces.

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